Title: “Irresistible Spring”
Size: 27″ x 20″ x 20″
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Open daily, 10 am, year-round
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“I picture this piece large, like Logan Fountain (Philadelphia) or Trafalgar Square (London). I dream of creating a work that helps add to the life of a community: A place where children play in pools where verdegre bronze goddesses bathe forever; A sanctuary where teenagers can climb the bronzes to see fresh perspectives on their lives; An iconic place where multitudes of tourists photograph themselves in order to show their family back home; A secret spot for lovers to meet, stealing a kiss in the shadows of the over-life-size figures. This is the secret immortality of a sculptor. Feeling a community participate with a work in such a way, is the ultimate gift for the creation process. One of my greatest epiphanies as a sculptor is that I need to create Art on a larger scale so that I can feel the public’s joyful interactions, eternally.” -Paige Bradley


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Anna Razumovskaya

Figurative artist Anna Razumovskaya encapsulates the divine feminine that echoes Old Masters artists Rembrandt and Peter Paul Rubens and 19th-century figurative artists like John Singer Sargent. Studying these artists throughout her European academic journey, she earned her MFA from the Russian State Academy of Fine Arts. Ultimately, amidst it all, she uncovered her distinctive technique. By balancing these influences with modernity, Anna’s romanticism and impressionistic style loom on the canvas, creating a fresh take on portraying femininity.
Anna conveys personal influence through the bliss and charm of life itself. With love for classical composers like Bach and Tchaikovsky, Anna depicts many compositions with violins alongside her models. However, the art of music and dance transcends to the canvas with loose, expressive brush strokes while conveying the flow and movement of the figures’ garments. Bold color schemes that allude to freedom and spontaneity harmonize with the fluidity of movement.
Diversifying her technique through different media, Anna explores the juxtaposition between the nature of innocence and the provocative. Her art speaks to her collectors, her passion surpassing through the canvas to the viewer. Her works have been in shows throughout the globe, and she is currently exhibiting at D’May Galleries fine art of Cape May as a premiere artist.
Gallery D’May fine art
305 Washington Street
Cape May, NJ 08204

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