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Our Premier Artist consists of a curated collection of talent that are first of importance and thus featured in prime spaces within D’May galleries all year long.

Clients will find an extensive exhibits of exciting works as well as exclusive pieces when they visit.

In addition, we hold annual events whereby; clients can spend time with the artists they collect in person.


Anna Razumovskaya

Anna Razumovskaya is revered for her portrayal of the female form. Inspired by Rembrandt, one of the most influential figurative artists of our time, and Casset. Anna’s American impressionism is as bold as her subject utilizing expressive color that depicts the strength and sensuality of femininity. Equally alluring and demure, the dynamic flow in her work make Anna’s style unique and immediately recognizable as her own.

Robert Finale

Robert Finale has become renowned for his distinctive style, a combination of romantic realism with astounding luminous qualities and detailed, realistic beauty, often focusing on historic settings. His interplay of light and shade on architecture and nature transports you to a simple, tranquil place and time. Robert first put paint to canvas as a special gift for his wife Susie.

Paige Bradley

Paige Bradley’s work is a study in duality. Her bronze sculpture is classically inspired yet decidedly contemporary. Whether capturing the dynamic movement of dance or the stillness of yoga, her ability to portray the strength, emotion, and, most importantly, the humanity of her subject is what makes her the leading figurative bronze sculptor of our time.


Royo was born to be a painter saying, “I have always wanted to be an artist, or better said, I never had a choice.” Despite his great natural talent, he says “Painting is a privilege, you must earn.” Capturing the color and intensity of his native Valencia and the beauty and perfect light of Majorca, the influence of Sorolla is obvious while the bursts of color and flow of the female form draw comparison to Renoir. Royo’s Spanish impression is as unique and powerful as the homeland that he paints.

Carol King Hood

Painting en plein air allows Carol to draw you into her world and see Cape May Light through her eyes.

Carol’s style and technique is reminiscent of the great impressionist masters filled with rich color and texture. While impressionism is often meant to be observed from a distance Carol invites you to come close. The hidden “guests” in her paintings, often bees or dragon flies, and a sense of playfulness and whimsy to the scene.

Randi Solin

Randi Solin is known for the weight, thickness, and vibrancy of her glass, creating like a contemporary painter with each piece has a distinctive front. Although she works in a traditional way, combining classic Venetian techniques with the American Art Glass movement, Randi is always evolving the art-form.

Eric Christensen

The artistry of watercolor master, Eric Christensen captures the romance of the wine country lifestyle in stunning detail. Self-taught, he invented a watercolor technique that allows him to create images of vibrant color that go beyond the look and depth of a high quality photograph. In fact he is widely recognized as the only known artist to capable of hyper realism through the use of standard watercolor.

Viktor Shvaiko

When Viktor Shvaiko paints, he creates a world full of intimate settings and breathtaking scenes he invites viewers to explore with him. Shvaiko believes the degree to which an artist moves a person relies on how close the artist allows the subject to be to their heart. Shvaiko travels the globe in search of inspirational scenery and cities to bring to life on the canvas. He conveys actual scenes imbued with his impression of the space and the feelings he experienced while there.

Samir Sammoun

Samir Sammoun uses the texture of his specially gessoed linen canvas to allow the oil to create a sense of drama. His paintings are meant to be viewed from a distance. However, once viewing the work one may find themselves drawn closer to appreciate the deep richness of color and drama created with the swirling movement of the brush. While clearly inspired by Monet and Van Gogh, Samir brings his own distinctive take on French Impressionism to Cape May.


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Anna Razumovskaya

Figurative artist Anna Razumovskaya encapsulates the divine feminine that echoes Old Masters artists Rembrandt and Peter Paul Rubens and 19th-century figurative artists like John Singer Sargent. Studying these artists throughout her European academic journey, she earned her MFA from the Russian State Academy of Fine Arts. Ultimately, amidst it all, she uncovered her distinctive technique. By balancing these influences with modernity, Anna’s romanticism and impressionistic style loom on the canvas, creating a fresh take on portraying femininity.
Anna conveys personal influence through the bliss and charm of life itself. With love for classical composers like Bach and Tchaikovsky, Anna depicts many compositions with violins alongside her models. However, the art of music and dance transcends to the canvas with loose, expressive brush strokes while conveying the flow and movement of the figures’ garments. Bold color schemes that allude to freedom and spontaneity harmonize with the fluidity of movement.
Diversifying her technique through different media, Anna explores the juxtaposition between the nature of innocence and the provocative. Her art speaks to her collectors, her passion surpassing through the canvas to the viewer. Her works have been in shows throughout the globe, and she is currently exhibiting at D’May Galleries fine art of Cape May as a premiere artist.
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